Check in

Check in is open from 15.00. The reception is unmanned by default, if nothing else is written in the booking confirmation. In the case of an unmanned reception information about where to find your keys is given on phone or by email. There is a code lock on the doors, that gives access to the hostel building, please make sure to notice this code.

Check out

We kindly request you to check out no later than 12 AM. Leave your keys in the “key disposal” tube in the reception. The key disposal is found on the left from the reception desk.


When canceling your visit at least 1 day before arrival, no later than 18.00, nothing is charged. Otherwise 100% of the first night will be charged.

Hostel policy

We do our best to ensure the well-being of every guest and we believe in common sense and these simple rules, follow them!

Hostel staff

Our staff is not always available in the building, if you need any help please read the information by the entrance and this paper. If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on +46 (0)495-650 999.


You clean your own room, see the checklist at your room. Room cleaning can be bought for 300SEK.

Bed sheet & towel

Bed sheets and towels can be rented for 120SEK/person, or 250SEK/person if you would like the bed made upon arrival. Sleeping bags are not permitted. Used towels should be left in the laundry chute upstairs, located in the corridor.

Responsibility & damages

You are responsible for the damages that you or your guests cause in our hostel. Our guests are responsible for their own personal belongings. Causing a false fire alarm is charged with 6000SEK.


The whole hostel building is a non-smoking area. Smoking is only permitted in a range of more than 10 meters away from the building. Failure to respect this gives us the right to charge you for the cost of a false fire alarm, 6000SEK, and costs related to sanitizing the room afterwards.

Any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to call us +46 495-650 999 or email us on

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